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For the past 9 years I have been exploring medicine as a medium for painting. The medicine comprises of self-medicated pharmaceutical products, tinctures and galenicals. I am interested in the associations suggested by this medicine when it becomes a painted surface, the figurative forms the surface can evoke and how these can transform into visual metaphor for notions of trauma and inevitably, healing. An important component is the unpredictability of the medicine as a means for painting. The outcome is based on chance and the uncontainable aspects of the medium. It is the raw and bodily qualities that I am trying to extract and highlight in a simple and organic way allowing the medium a voice of its own.


Affected by the disappointment in humanity under such circumstances that the world is currently in I am in search of finding ways to capture these traumatic narratives without having to depict specific bodies directly. My paintings have shifted deeper into non-representational imagery; here my subject matter derives from various sources, using newspaper articles and other anecdotal sources as my starting point, I reimagine these often devastating stories in unexpected ways. Inevitably it is about drawing attention to these traumatic times in order to think about the idea of loss and in search of a form of healing. Continuing my predominant use of medicine as painting medium alongside the new incorporation of oil paint, I work with associations suggested by the medicine when it becomes a painted surface.

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