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Voysey is primarily concerned with giving painterly form to the complex relationship between humans and animals with particular interest in notions of loss and healing. Her unconventional choice of medium is most appropriate for her subject. She transforms these medicines, often contained in nondescript looking small bottles, into vibrantly coloured and layered expanses of ‘painted’ surface, pushing the painterly possibilities of the medium to its limit. The  chemical make-up of the medicines cause effects that are visceral and unstable, qualities that evoke the organic and changing nature of the body -both human and animal.


In ‘Animal’ she continues her previous explorations, adding to her anticipated figurative representations of animals by delving into new and emotive abstract territory. Using newspaper articles and other anecdotal sources as her starting point, Voysey re-imagines these often devastating stories in unexpected ways. Her practice is an embodiment of the harrowing narratives of abuse, tragedy and ignorance.





Curious Creature




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