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War (2016)

Charcoal tablets, iodine tincture, potassium permanganate, Friar's Balsam, vitamin C fizzy, Sedacur tablets and Mercurochrome on canvas 
170 x 240cm

Warming (2015) 

Gastropect, Pectrolyte and copper sulphate on canvas

170 x 240cm 

Malooh (2016)

Copper sulphate, potassium permanganate, Sedacur tablets, Med-Lemon, vit-C fizzy and charcoal tablets on canvas 


Opal (2016) 

Mercurochrome, Flowers of sulphur, Savlon antispetic, Med-Lemon, potassium permanganate and Sedacur tablets on canvas. 

25 x 30cm

Tripoli Hippo (2016) 

Potassium permanganate, charcoal tablets, Calamine lotion and Med-Lemon on canvas 

20 x 30cm

Moon Bears (2016) 

Potassium Permanganate, charcoal tablets, Sedacur tablets and gastropect on canvas

20 x 30cm 

Twenty Thousand Squid (2016)

Mercurochrome, Sedacur tablets, Friar's Balsam and iodine tincture on canvas

30 x 40cm

Sixteen Thousand Pigs (2016) 

Calamine lotion, Friar's Balsam, Mercurochrome and charcoal tablets on canvas 

30 x 40cm 

Four Hundred and Fifty Sheep (2015) 

Gastropect, Friar's Balsam, iodine tincture and charcoal tablets on canvas 

30 x 40cm

Saudia (2015) 

Mercurochrome, Gastropect, potassium permanganate, Calamine lotion and Sedacur tablets on canvas. 


Wounded (2016) 

Mercurochrome, Calamine lotion and charcoal tablets on canvas. 


Norwegian Polar Bear (2015) 

Pectrolyte, Mercurochrome and charcoal tablets on canvas.  


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